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6-41 series centrifugal draft fan
6-41 series centrifugal draft fan
6-41 series centrifugal draft fan
6-41 series centrifugal draft fan
6-41 series centrifugal draft fan
6-41 series centrifugal draft fan
6-41 series centrifugal draft fan
6-41 series centrifugal draft fan

6-41 series centrifugal draft fan

Time:2022-05-11 10:35:33
Category:Medium Pressure Centrifugal Fan

Model: 6-41 Centrifugal draft fan

Machine No.: 4#~12#

Air volume: 1090-23000㎥/h

Wind pressure: 954-28000Pa

Power: 5.5kw-55kW

Uses: It can be used to transport clean gas at room temperature or high temperature, dusty gas, combustible gas, corrosive gas, powdery or granular materials, fiber materials, etc.

Form: ventilator and induced draft fan are made into single suction, the ventilator has 5 numbers of 3.3A, 5.4A, 6.4A, 7.1A, 8.5A; the induced draft fan has 4.5C, 5.4C, 7.1C, 9C, 10C , 11.2D, a total of 6 machine numbers, when the above machine numbers can not meet your needs, we have the ability to design according to your needs.

Details Technical Parameter

working conditions

  6-41 series fans can meet the performance requirements of large flow and high pressure at the same time, and have the characteristics of high efficiency and low noise. It is a series of centrifugal fan products with a wide range of performance. It can be used to transport clean gas, dusty gas, combustible gas, corrosive gas, powder or granular materials, fibrous materials, etc. at room temperature or high temperature.

Application Environment

  Blast and induced air for industrial boiler systems, supply and induced air for kiln systems/incinerator systems, air purification equipment, industrial dust collector systems, etc. The most versatile fan series.


  ●It can work stably at higher medium temperature, and can output a large gas flow and low noise when it meets the pressure 
  ●The blade placement angle is optimized, which is more resistant to wear and has a longer service life.
  ●The pressure and flow of the fan can be flexibly adjusted during operation by using the regulating door. It can also be equipped 
      with a variable frequency motor to adjust the pressure and flow of the fan by changing the speed.
  ●Material of impeller and main shaft, we will choose to use high-strength carbon steel, low-alloy steel, high-temperature- 
      resistant alloy steel, high-temperature-resistant high-strength alloy steel according to different working conditions, 
      temperature and working speed, so that the impeller and main shaft can withstand high temperature Reliable strength is still 
  ●A fan system with a nominal impeller diameter of less than 1400mm running at room temperature does not need an additional 
      bearing cooling device, which reduces the user's investment and maintenance workload.
  ●The impeller is annealed to eliminate the internal stress of the structure during welding, and to ensure that the impeller will 
      not have creepage and cracks.
  ●The welding seam of the impeller and the main shaft are ultrasonic flaw detection to ensure that there are no welding defects 
      and material defects, and the strength is guaranteed.
  ●The impeller is corrected by high standard dynamic balance to ensure the stable operation of the fan.
  ●There are a variety of optional accessories to choose from.

Product configuration

  ● Fan form: direct motor connection, belt drive, coupling drive;
  ● Motor brands: Simma Motor, Lu'an Motor, Wannan Motor, ABB, Siemens and other well-known brands at home and abroad (can be 
  ● Impeller: high-quality carbon steel, stainless steel, rubber lining, wear-resistant layer or wear-resistant lining plate, 
       ceramic patch (can be specified);
  ● Bearing: SKF, FAG, Wafangdian, NSK (can be specified);
  ● Spindle: high-strength carbon steel, combined with steel (can be specified);
  ●Bearing seat: cast iron
  ●Optional configuration: ※Integral bracket; ※Protective cover; ※Silencer; ※Inlet and export compensator; ※Hydraulic 
      coupling;※Motor rain cover;※Temperature sensor;※Vibration sensor;※Inverter;

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