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6-2X39 series drive centrifugal fan
6-2X39 series drive centrifugal fan
6-2X39 series drive centrifugal fan
6-2X39 series drive centrifugal fan
6-2X39 series drive centrifugal fan
6-2X39 series drive centrifugal fan

6-2X39 series drive centrifugal fan

Time:2022-05-11 14:07:29
Category:Heavy Duty Centrifugal Fan

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product description

  6-2X39 series F-type train and induced draft fan is a new series of fans developed by our company on the basis of absorbing domestic and foreign technologies. It is mainly suitable for metallurgical coke oven dust removal and gas conveying systems, and can also meet the requirements of fluidized bed boilers. The medium conveyed by the blower of the equal air supply and induced draft system is air, and the medium conveyed by the induced draft fan is flue gas or gas containing impurity particles. When the dust concentration is less than 200mgm3, the service life of the impeller can reach more than 38,000 hours, and the operating temperature of the fan should generally not exceed 250℃.


  ● Customized design according to customer performance requirements, and optimized by CFD technology, the energy consumption is lower than similar models.
  ● The blade placement angle is optimized, which is more resistant to wear and has a longer service life.
  ● The pressure and flow of the fan can be flexibly adjusted during operation by using the adjusting door. It can also be equipped with a variable frequency motor to adjust the pressure and flow of the fan by changing the speed.
  ● The fan is equipped with temperature and vibration sensors, and the fan operation monitoring device can be easily installed.
  ● Made of high-quality carbon steel, stainless steel or other metal materials can also be used according to user requirements.
  ● The welding seam of the impeller and the main shaft are ultrasonically inspected to ensure that there are no welding defects and material defects, and the strength is guaranteed.
  ● Bearing cooling method, choose mature and low-cost water cooling method or oil cooling method with better heat dissipation performance according to the gas temperature and the conditions of use environment. For extremely high temperature operating conditions, an electronic cooler can also be installed to protect the reliable operation of the fan system.
  ● Large parts are dismantled and transported, so that most parts can be packed into containers for transportation, saving you the cost of freight.
  ● Each component has an installation number. Under the guidance of the installation manual, the system can be assembled smoothly.
  ● Provide on-site installation guidance services.

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