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6-51 series centrifugal draft fan
6-51 series centrifugal draft fan

6-51 series centrifugal draft fan

Time:2022-05-11 15:19:13
Category:Medium Pressure Centrifugal Fan

Model: 6-51 series centrifugal draft fan

Machine number: 8#~29#

Air volume: 2752-498507㎥/h

Wind pressure: 1706-8265Pa

Power: 5.5kw-1600kW

Uses: Mainly used for applications that require large air flow, low noise and high efficiency.

Form: The ventilator and the induced draft fan are made into single suction, and the machine numbers are №8D, 9D, 10D, 11D, 12D, 14D, 16D, 18D, 20D, 22D, 25D, 28D, 29.5D, a total of seventeen kinds, when the above machine No. can not meet your needs, we have the ability to design according to your needs.

Details Technical Parameter

Fan form

  The air volume of 6-51 series centrifugal induced draft fan is: 2752-498507㎥/h, the wind pressure is: 1706-8265Pa, the power is: 18.5kw-2000kw, the blower and the induced draft fan are made into single suction form. There are 42 specifications in total with 21 machine numbers from №8 to 31.5F. The fan transmission mode is F type (ie: double support structure), and the connection between the motor and the fan adopts an elastic coupling for direct drive. An example of the full name of the product is as follows: G6-51-1№20F right 45 degrees/135 degrees, where G and Y represent the boiler supply fan and the boiler induced draft fan respectively, 5 is the pressure coefficient of the highest efficiency point, 10 times the whole, and 51 is the ratio Speed, 1 is the first design, №20 means the impeller diameter is 2000mm.

Details description

  The 6-51 boiler draft fan is mainly used for the draft fan system of 2t/h~670t/h steam boilers in thermal power plants, and it also meets the requirements of the performance parameters of the high pressure head of the fluidized bed furnace. This series of fans can also be used for dust removal, mine ventilation and general ventilation systems. The medium conveyed by the blower is air, and the medium conveyed by the induced draft fan is flue gas or gas containing impurity particles. When the impurity concentration is less than 200mg/m3, it can be used for more than four years. It can also be used if the impurities are large, but the service life is relatively shortened. The temperature used by the draft fan should not exceed 250°C. And has the characteristics of high efficiency and low noise, it is a centrifugal fan product series with a wide range of performance.


  ●The design of this series of fans is based on the aerodynamic sketches finalized after more than a year of model tests, and adopts the proprietary technical achievements such as high-strength wear-resistant impellers and oil-leakage-proof bearing boxes.
  ●Wide range of high-efficiency operating conditions, dense arrangement of machine numbers, and easy to select high-efficiency operating points.
  ●High-strength wear-resistant impeller
  ●The fan is integral or split assembly type
  ●The fan is fully equipped
  ●Relevant parameters are provided complete
  ●The fan is easy to install and maintain
  ●The fan is easy to install and maintain

Fan configuration

  ● Fan form: click direct connection, belt drive, coupling drive;
  ● Motor brands: Simma Motor, Lu'an Motor, Wannan Motor, Siemens and other well-known brands at home and abroad (can be specified);
  ● Impeller: high-quality carbon steel, stainless steel, rubber lining, wear-resistant layer or wear-resistant lining plate, ceramic patch (can be specified);
  ● Bearing: SKF, FAG, Wafangdian, NSK (can be specified);
  ● Spindle: high-strength carbon steel, combined with steel
  ●Bearing seat: cast iron
  ●Optional configuration: ※Integral bracket; ※Protective cover; ※Muffler; ※Inlet and export compensator; ※Hydraulic coupling;※Motor rain cover;※Temperature sensor;※Vibration sensor;※Soft start device;※Inverter;

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