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9-12 series centrifugal draft fan
9-12 series centrifugal draft fan
9-12 series centrifugal draft fan
9-12 series centrifugal draft fan

9-12 series centrifugal draft fan

Time:2022-05-11 14:32:46
Category:High Pressure Centrifugal Fan

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  9-12 type high-pressure centrifugal fan for iron furnace is suitable for blasting performance requirements of IL/h, 2L/h, 3L/h, 3L/h, 7L/h melting rate of iron furnace. The fan can also be used as a blower for various melting furnaces and forging furnaces, and is also suitable for conveying air and non-corrosive, non-self-igniting, non-viscous gas or light powder/chips/short fiber materials, forced ventilation , forced cooling, blasting of smelting furnaces and casting furnaces, pressurized or decompressed sealing of industrial equipment, etc.


  1. It can output high outlet pressure, suitable for any industrial occasions that need to transport high pressure & normal temperature gas.
  2. High energy transfer efficiency, all the energy of the motor acts directly on the impeller, and there is no energy consumption during the transfer process.
  3. The motor adopts the high-efficiency and energy-saving motor of the Chinese motor manufacturer (you can also install the brand motor required by the user), with reliable quality and lower energy consumption.
  4. Made of high-quality carbon steel, stainless steel or other metal materials can also be used according to user requirements.
  5. The impeller is corrected by high standard dynamic balance to ensure the stable operation of the fan.
  6. After the production is completed, the operation test and vibration value detection are carried out, and the operation is reliable.

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