How to deal with the loud noise of the centrifugal fan?


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How to deal with the loud noise of the centrifugal fan?

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  The noise of the centrifugal fan consists of three parts. Part of the noise comes from the air outlet and air inlet of the fan. The muffler adopts a resistive structure, a resistive structure or a resonance structure that can absorb and eliminate noise. A diversion effect on the wind direction and volume can effectively prevent aerodynamic noise and achieve a good noise reduction effect. Therefore, the installation of mufflers at the inlet and outlet of the fan is an effective measure to suppress the noise of the fan. The second part of the noise comes from the fan itself. The fan is equipped with a soundproof coating, which is set outside the fan to reduce the noise. The three parts of the noise come from the vibration of the motor and the foundation. The noise is controlled within a certain range through the soundproof cover, so that the noise is blocked in the propagation and cannot pass smoothly, and the noise source of the motor and foundation vibration is effectively solved, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing noise. .

 The above are several general methods that can be used to reduce noise in general centrifugal fan applications, I hope they can help you.

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