Application scenarios of explosion-proof centrifugal fans


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Application scenarios of explosion-proof centrifugal fans

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  Explosion-proof centrifugal fan is a kind of fan that can be used in flammable and explosive factories, and does not produce sparks during operation. Mainly used in petrochemical and other industries with explosion-proof requirements.
  Explosion-proof centrifugal fans are generally used in the field of conveying flammable and explosive gases or where there are flammable and explosive gases, dust and liquids in the working environment. In these environments, sparks can be fatal if the fan is running. Therefore, all workpieces in the centrifugal fan that may generate sparks need to be explosion-proof.
  1. All parts of the centrifugal fan that are in contact with the gas in the explosion-proof centrifugal fan must be made of non-ferrous materials (the common one is aluminum impeller, which is not easy to generate sparks).
  2. In order to prevent the electric spark caused by the friction between the impeller of the centrifugal fan and the air inlet, which may cause fire and other hazards. The explosion-proof centrifugal fan adopts the throat explosion-proof, and generally an aluminum ring or copper ring is embedded at the air inlet of the fan (note that the selection of this material should be different from the material of the impeller, if the fan uses an aluminum impeller, this item can be ignored).
  3. The mating flanges can be selected from ordinary flanges or stainless steel chemical flanges according to the user's site.
  4. The motors used in explosion-proof centrifugal fans are different from ordinary centrifugal fans. Explosion-proof centrifugal fans must use explosion-proof motors.


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