Anti-corrosion measures for centrifugal fans


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Anti-corrosion measures for centrifugal fans

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  Anti-corrosion centrifugal fans are exposed to corrosive environments for a long time, so the requirements for corrosion resistance of centrifugal fans are high. At present, the anti-corrosion measures for centrifugal fans mainly include the following three points:
  Choose different corrosion-resistant materials.
  Commonly used anti-corrosion materials for fans include glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) material, stainless steel material, steel lined plastic, steel lined rubber, etc.
  Second, the anti-corrosion structure design of the centrifugal fan.
  The design flaws that tend to accelerate corrosion are the tendency of stress concentration and crevice environment. Sometimes, although the corrosion rate is small in the metal immersion solution, crevices are formed, which will cause severe crevice corrosion. Commonly used anti-corrosion processes for flanges and impeller shaft discs.
  Third, the surface protection measures of the centrifugal fan. A basic idea for controlling corrosion is to isolate the corrosive environment. In the design of centrifugal fans, surface treatment methods, such as surface spray treatment, are often used.
  The above is an introduction to the anti-corrosion measures of centrifugal fans. First, having a correct understanding of the equipment, and then checking and maintaining the equipment in time will help reduce the occurrence of failures.


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