Transmission mode of high temperature centrifugal fan


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Transmission mode of high temperature centrifugal fan

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  The transmission modes of high temperature centrifugal fans currently include motor direct drive (A type), belt drive (C type) and coupling transmission (D type, F type). These three transmission modes have different advantages and disadvantages.
  Type A means that the impeller of the centrifugal fan is installed on the shaft head of the motor. The fan size is small and cannot meet the requirements of large air volume or high pressure. The temperature of the medium should not be higher than 70°C. When the temperature is between 70-150°C, other measures need to be taken to cool down, otherwise the motor will be burned;
  Type c means that the centrifugal fan and the motor are driven by belts and pulleys. This transmission method can withstand the medium temperature of 250 °C. The power of the motor should not be too large.
  Type D means that the centrifugal fan and the motor are driven by a coupling, which can withstand the medium temperature of 250-500 °C and has the characteristics of high stability.
  F type refers to 2 air intake boxes, bearing boxes are on both sides of the impeller, the fan runs stably and is easy to maintain. system;
  The industries that high temperature fans have been applied to are: boilers, dust removal, desulfurization, denitrification, cement, metallurgy, power generation, gas and material transportation, smoke exhaust, etc. In addition to the difference in transmission mode, the material should also choose the appropriate high-quality plate according to the ambient temperature. For more details, please consult customer service, welcome new and old friends to visit the factory for guidance and exchange.


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