Six common wear causes of centrifugal fans


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Six common wear causes of centrifugal fans

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  The wear of the centrifugal fan will cause the fan to vibrate, shorten the life of the fan, and even cause the centrifugal fan to fail to work properly in severe cases. In particular, the wear of the centrifugal fan blades is serious, which not only destroys the flow characteristics in the centrifugal fan, but also easily causes major accidents such as blade breakage and flying.
  Six reasons for common centrifugal fan wear
  1. Dust wear on centrifugal fan
  A large amount of microscopic dust in the operation of the centrifugal fan will cause damage to the fan bearings, blades and motors due to long-term accumulation. Due to the small particle size and many types of dust, many dusts cannot be effectively eliminated and are easily formed in the vulnerable parts of the fan. damage. At the same time, some fan application units reduce the application of fan dust collectors in order to control costs and improve the ventilation effect of fans, which will cause strong dust damage to fans and increase the risk of fan wear and failure.
  2. The centrifugal fan runs too fast
  Excessive running speed is another important cause of centrifugal fan wear. According to the data analysis of centrifugal fan wear, the degree of wear is positively correlated with the running speed of the centrifugal fan. Under high temperature conditions, the running speed of the centrifugal fan is doubled, and the wear of the centrifugal fan is increased by three. Times, in layman's terms: centrifugal fan wear is proportional to the square of the fan's operating speed。

  3. The operating conditions of the centrifugal fan are unreasonable
  Normal centrifugal fans have systematic, structural and functional prevention of wear, but in special cases, the centrifugal fan will run poorly, which will change the operating state of the fan's motor, rotor, and blades, and the internal characteristics of the fan. The structure and the trajectory of the air operation have changed, shifted and moved, which in turn aggravates the wear and tear of the fan, and also aggravates the wear of the fan under long-term operation and high-load operation.
  4. Wrong choice of centrifugal fan
  Different locations and different function settings require different centrifugal fans and different state adjustments to adapt, and the gap between design and actual, functions and needs form the problem of centrifugal fan selection, which is very easy to cause fan overload work and centrifugal fans. Increased wear and tear. It is manifested in serious damage to the volute, blades, lining plate, guard plate and other parts of the centrifugal fan, which not only shows the instability of the operating state of the centrifugal fan, but also shows that the operating cost of the fan is out of control. As a result, the wear problem of the centrifugal fan is aggravated. .
  5. Insufficient wear resistance of centrifugal fan blades
  In the design and production of centrifugal fans, there is a problem of insufficient wear-resistant mechanical system for blades, which causes the risk of blade wear during operation of centrifugal fans. Some manufacturers did not carburize the fan blades and did not paint wear-resistant materials, resulting in insufficient wear resistance of the blades. From the design point of view, the fan blade has no anti-wear design, no reinforcing ribs and horizontal bars, and the blade will have wear problems during the operation of the fan. In the process of fan installation, the standard treatment of the blade edge is not done, resulting in insufficient accuracy of the leading edge, which in turn causes the wear of the fan blade to increase.
  6. The structure of centrifugal fan is unreasonable
  The overall structure of the centrifugal fan also has systematic hidden dangers and unreasonable problems, which will lead to the accumulation and aggravation of the centrifugal fan's wear and tear, especially when the blade structure is used at the air inlet. This will cause problems such as dust erosion, fan vibration, insufficient stability, etc., which will lead to increased fan wear, and even increase the damage and loss of centrifugal fans.


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