The sealing method of the shaft hole of the centrifugal fan


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The sealing method of the shaft hole of the centrifugal fan

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  1. One is to remove the casing of the centrifugal fan, remove the impeller, move the transmission system, and then install a new packing seal or mechanical equipment seal. The advantage of this method is that the sealing method can be selected, and the installation is standardized. However, the amount of labor is relatively large, and it takes a long time, because the drive shaft of the centrifugal fan is rotated by the motor drive, the volute is equipped with an impeller, the drive shaft extends into the volute and is connected with the impeller, and the dust removal port is located in the impeller The side of the dust removal port is opposite to the leaves on the impeller, and the actual effect is stronger.
  2. Because the centrifugal fan has the advantage of convenient cleaning of the impeller, during installation, the two product workpieces marked with the shell need to be sleeved on the shaft, and the concave groove should be welded into a ring shape toward the rolling bearing box. A semi-circular product workpiece without a casing mark is also sleeved on the drive shaft, and the concave groove is also welded into a ring shape toward the rolling bearing housing, so that the rotating shaft can be based on two rings, but it should be noted that, The circular inner hole should correspond to the clearance of the drive shaft. Generally speaking, the seal can be used to specify a lower centrifugal fan cooling fan seal. The nut of the clamping piece is used to clamp the clamping piece on the annular ring, so that the seal can be successfully installed, although the installation The method looks very complicated, but it only needs to produce and process product workpieces in the early stage, and the labor amount in the middle and later stages is actually not large.


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