How to improve centrifugal fan efficiency?


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How to improve centrifugal fan efficiency?

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  Centrifugal fan is a common general mechanical product in national economic production. It is widely used in electric power, metallurgy, coal, chemical industry, building materials and other industries. It is a kind of high energy consumption equipment. Its work efficiency is related to the production cost of the enterprise, and it is of great economic significance to improve its work efficiency.
  The improvement of the working efficiency of the centrifugal fan is carried out from the following aspects:
  Fan model: The efficient optimization of the fan model is one of the important reasons for improving the efficiency of the fan. The profile of the impeller cover and blade is very important to the efficiency of the fan, and a reasonable and efficient blade profile will affect the efficiency of the fan. By adjusting the angle of the inlet and outlet of the blade, optimizing the profile line of the wheel cover, and optimizing the flow passage of the air inlet, the efficiency of the fan is improved.
  2. Matching degree of performance parameters: The fan is working in the system. If the air volume and air pressure do not match the system, the operation efficiency of the fan will be low. The CFD simulation technology that can be used can be used to select a high-efficiency fan whose operating efficiency point is more matched with the system performance, so that the high-efficiency operating area of the fan can be matched with the pipe network system, so that the modified fan can operate more efficiently.
  3. Pipe network optimization: If the configured pipe network is not suitable, the fan will reduce the operating efficiency due to the increase of resistance during operation, resulting in an increase in energy consumption. The pipe network design should be reasonable to avoid the generation of turbulence. In order to reduce the turbulence caused by the airflow in the inlet and outlet pipelines of the fan, the inlet and outlet pipes of the fan should be designed as reasonable as possible, with fewer elbows and a reasonable design of variable diameters, thereby improving the operating efficiency of the fan.
  4. Adjustment method: During the operation of the fan, the actual resistance of the system will inevitably deviate from the theoretical resistance, so it is necessary to adjust the working point of the fan to meet the actual resistance needs of the system. The adjustment methods of the fan generally include inlet baffle adjustment and variable speed adjustment. The resistance loss caused by the inlet baffle adjustment is large, which easily leads to low fan efficiency. By adjusting the fan speed by the frequency conversion motor or the permanent magnet motor, the air volume of the fan can be adjusted, which is more suitable for the pipe network system and achieves the effect of reducing the energy consumption of the fan.
  The above four aspects can effectively improve the working efficiency of the centrifugal fan and greatly reduce the operating cost of the fan.


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