How high is the high temperature fan?


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How high is the high temperature fan?

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  High temperature fan is a general term for a type of fan. It is suitable for conveying high temperature gas with slight corrosion, no spontaneous combustion, and working temperature below 1000 °C. The dust content of the medium should be less than 150mg/m3. environmental protection and other fields. According to the high temperature resistance level, it can be divided into four levels: one: 80℃-300℃, two: 300℃-450℃, three: 450℃-600℃, four: 600℃-1000℃. When designing and selecting a high-temperature fan, the change of gas density under high-temperature gas, the dimensional expansion coefficient of each component of the fan, and the selection of high-temperature resistant materials should be fully considered. Different materials have different high temperature resistance and are classified as follows: FRP: ≤100℃, carbon steel (Q390, Q460, HG785): ≤500℃, stainless steel (304, 316L, 310S): ≤1000℃. In addition to high temperature resistance, the corrosive gas of high temperature flue gas should also be considered, and high-quality materials that are resistant to high temperature and corrosion should be selected.
  With the development and application of new technologies and the continuous progress of high temperature resistance technology, high temperature fans will be applied in more industries and fields in the future, and high temperature fans will also provide more complete solutions for more industries.

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