Advantages of f-type fans over d-type fans


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Advantages of f-type fans over d-type fans

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 Compared with the D-type fan, the F-type fan is more stable in operation, more convenient in maintenance, and more suitable for large air volume and high air pressure.
D, F type centrifugal fans can be used as ventilation and induced air in all walks of life, and are also suitable for large boiler induced draft fans, desulfurization and dust removal environmental protection equipment. Compared with the transmission and structure: the impeller of the D-type fan is composed of a front disc, a rear disc and an impeller. The motor and fan are driven by the coupling, and the impeller is cantilever type. It is characterized by high transmission efficiency, safety and reliability, and relatively stable operation of the fan. , Easy installation, suitable for medium-sized fans. The F-type fan is driven by a coupling, double-supported, and the impeller is installed between two bearings. The fan has single-suction double-support and double-suction double-support, with high transmission efficiency, low noise, and no noise. vibration.
Compared with the D-type fan, the F-type fan is more suitable for occasions with large air volume and high wind pressure. Compared with the cantilever support structure, the double support structure runs more smoothly and has less vibration. No. 20 and above F-type fans are preferred.


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