High temperature fan in recycled aluminum plant--Xima Fan


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High temperature fan in recycled aluminum plant--Xima Fan

Times:2022-05-10 16:20:48 Hits:45 From:Xinxiang Simo Blower Co., Ltd.

  The fan we see now is our newly produced high-temperature fan for the aluminum refining system. It took two months from design to production and is currently in the delivery stage. For the application environment of high-temperature flue gas and corrosive gas in the aluminum refining system, we choose the fan structure with single suction, double support and cantilever support, and select the special stainless steel material with high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, and the cooling oil circulation cooling. Among them, the centrifugal fan with single suction and double support can withstand high temperature up to 600 degrees. The vibration value of this batch of fans is much higher than the industry standard. The measured data of the balance accuracy is 2.5mm/s. It has the advantages of high efficiency, low energy consumption and stable performance. Escort.


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