Sima Fan BSBD50 series products obtained explosion-proof certificate


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Sima Fan BSBD50 series products obtained explosion-proof certificate

Times:2022-05-10 16:21:45 Hits:41 From:Xinxiang Simo Blower Co., Ltd.
  Recently, the explosion-proof centrifugal fan independently developed by Sima Fan has obtained the explosion-proof certificate issued by the National Explosion-proof Electrical Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. The products that have passed the explosion-proof inspection this time include nine products including 1200BSBD50, 1100BSBD50, 1000BSBD50, etc. This series of products can be used in petrochemical and other industries with explosion-proof requirements.
  In recent years, Sima Fan has actively responded to the requirements of safe production, strictly controlled the product quality, continuously improved the product quality and safety level, and is committed to providing safer and better ventilation equipment products for petrochemical enterprises. The acquisition of the explosion-proof certificate fully shows that Xinxiang Xima has been recognized by the organization in terms of explosion-proof technology, which is the embodiment of the product's strength in safety technology, and is also an important milestone on the company's development path. Assure.

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