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Special centrifugal fan for flour mill-Sima Fan

Times:2022-05-10 16:19:59 Hits:39 From:Xinxiang Simo Blower Co., Ltd.
  Removing bran, bran crumbs and bran stars from slag, core, coarse flour and other materials in flour processing is an important process in the process of processing high-quality flour. The centrifugal fan converts the input mechanical energy into gas energy to transport impurities such as bran in the material to the next process, which has a great impact on the effect of pneumatic conveying.
    This batch of fans will be used in a flour production line with a daily processing capacity of 3,600 tons of wheat. The number of fans purchased is large and the requirements are high. As a well-known enterprise in fan equipment manufacturing, Cima Fan has conducted in-depth research on the R&D design, manufacturing process, performance parameters, etc. of this cooperation project. All functional departments fully supported the work of the project, ensured that the task was completed on time, with high quality and quantity, and achieved various technical indicators of users, creating a good reputation for Cima Fan in the industry.

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