What are the main parameters of centrifugal fan selection?


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What are the main parameters of centrifugal fan selection?

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  When choosing a centrifugal fan, you need to provide air volume and air pressure. The fan flow unit is m3/h, m3/min, m3/s, and the pressure unit is pa, kpa. The higher the fan pressure, the smaller the air volume. This can be seen from the curve diagram of fan selection scheme. Fans of the same series can meet many different flow and pressure requirements, but the power required by each operating point is not exactly the same. The greater the flow, the less efficient the same fan will be. The higher the pressure, the same fan may stall, so the corresponding operating point should be selected within the curve range.

   The second is to consider the working conditions when selecting a centrifugal fan, and design and select the fan material according to the characteristics of different working conditions. The general gas in chemical plants contains corrosive gases, and the corrosion resistance of the fan flow channel needs to be considered. Cement plants need to consider the wear-resistant service life of the fan, and the level of dust content also determines the choice of impeller; therefore, it is necessary to understand the operating environment of the fan and whether it contains dust and corrosive gases.
  When choosing a centrifugal fan, the operating temperature and altitude should also be considered. Operating temperature and altitude will affect the density of the gas, and the altitude will also be related to the air pressure, which has an impact on the pressure of the fan. Under normal circumstances, the default is normal temperature plain, and clear parameter requirements can ensure the correct selection of fan models.
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