What are the main parameters of centrifugal fan selection?


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What are the main parameters of centrifugal fan selection?

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  The impeller of the centrifugal fan is an important part of the fan. Studies have shown that the impeller is closely related to the working efficiency of the fan. What is the role of the impeller during operation? How does it affect the working efficiency of the centrifugal fan?

   The so-called centrifugal fan is just a form of the fan, and a large part of the reason why the power can be improved so much depends on the impeller of the fan. The so-called impeller is the fan blade of the fan we usually see. Many people unilaterally believe that the efficiency of the fan is improved because it is faster. Yes, the improvement of fan working efficiency is directly related to the speed of the fan.
  However, the impeller is a relatively energy-saving measure, which can ensure the use of the same electric energy while improving the efficiency. The impeller has two advantages in improving the working efficiency of the centrifugal fan, one is the diameter of the impeller, and the other is the inclination of the impeller.
  If the diameter of the impeller is relatively large, it means that the model of this centrifugal fan is large enough. Then the power will be effectively improved, which is why any fan with relatively high power is relatively large in size.
  Therefore, in order to improve the efficiency of the centrifugal fan, it is a feasible direction to improve the fan impeller. At present, although Qitu Fan has achieved good results in the research and development of equipment performance, the research on impeller and efficiency will continue, and strive to achieve the development of excellence.


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