The difference between the transmission mode of centrifugal fan


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The difference between the transmission mode of centrifugal fan

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  First of all, let's take a look at the types of transmission modes of centrifugal fans:
  1. Type A: The motor is directly connected to the fan impeller, and the fan impeller is directly installed on the motor shaft.
  2. Type B: The pulley is in the middle of the two bearings, and the impeller is cantilever type.
  3. Type C: The pulley rotates, the pulley cantilever is installed on one end of the shaft, and the impeller cantilever is installed on the other end of the shaft.
  4. Type D: The coupling rotates, the motor and the fan are driven by the coupling, and the impeller is cantilever type.
  5. Type F: The impeller is installed between two bearings, and there are single-suction double-support and double-suction double-support fans.

 The picture shows the D-type fan (coupling transmission)

   So let's analyze the advantages and disadvantages of these transmission methods:
  D-type fan features: cantilever support, coupling transmission.
  Advantages: high transmission efficiency, safety and reliability, relatively stable operation of the fan, easy installation, suitable for medium-sized fans, and the selection is relatively common.

 The picture shows the F-type fan (double support)

  F-type fan features: double support, coupling transmission.
  Advantages: The fan runs stably and is easy to maintain. It is suitable for occasions with large air volume and high air pressure.
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