How to improve the wear resistance of centrifugal fan impeller?


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How to improve the wear resistance of centrifugal fan impeller?

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  The main form of centrifugal fan impeller wear is abrasive wear, which is prone to occur on the working surface of the blade and near the rear disc. The wear of the impeller of the centrifugal fan is related to the composition, particle size, concentration, shape, impact speed, impact angle, temperature and humidity of the abrasive, and the unevenness of the gas flow inside the impeller accelerates the wear. The measures to prevent the wear of the impeller of the centrifugal fan are as follows:

   1. Improve the blade structure
  Processing the working surface of the blade into a sawtooth shape, changing the hollow blade into a solid blade, adding welding anti-wear blocks to the blade, etc., these methods can reduce the wear of the impeller to a certain extent.
  2. Treat the blade surface
  The blade surface treatment of centrifugal fans can be carried out, generally including blade surfacing, wear-resistant lining, ceramic patch, etc. The advantage of these methods is to increase the hardness of the blade surface, thereby improving the wear resistance of the blade to a certain extent.
  Surface surfacing is to use surfacing electrodes (or welding wires), and manual arc (or automatic welding) surfacing on the easily worn parts of the blade to improve the surface quality of the blade, to protect the blade and improve the life of the blade. Wear-resistant linings can also be added to the working surface of the blade and the surface of the wheel disc to implement overall wear-resistant protection for the blade. Or use ceramic patch to enhance wear resistance, but the installation of ceramic patch is very inconvenient, and it is not firm to fix the ceramic lining by bonding. During the high-speed rotation of the fan, the ceramic lining is easy to fall off and fail. The ceramic patch will also cause damage to the fan blades.
  3. Improve the aerodynamic design
  Reasonable selection of the shape of the air inlet of the centrifugal fan, the relative speed of the small inlet of the impeller should be guaranteed in the design, the number of revolutions of the fan should be reduced as much as possible, and the appropriate shape of the impeller flow channel should be selected so that the curvature radius of the radian from the blade to the outlet increases from small to large. Reduce the chance of impact of solid particles and blades.


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