The specific division of noise level and pressure of centrifugal fan


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The specific division of noise level and pressure of centrifugal fan

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  Regarding centrifugal fans, the specific content that will be covered below is the noise level, common pressure classification of centrifugal fans, as well as the difference and application of single-inlet and double-inlet air, mainly for these, let everyone pass Learning, to increase the familiarity and understanding of the product.

  1. Noise level of centrifugal fan

  Centrifugal fan, the sound level of its noise, in terms of relevant factors, mainly include the fan structure and the working state of the fan.
  Moreover, its working state is determined by the total pressure and air volume.
  Therefore, different models or different series of centrifugal fans must have different sound levels.
  Moreover, even if it is the same model, if it is under different working conditions, its sound level will be different.
  Generally speaking, the noise control method of centrifugal fan is to install a muffler on the air inlet and outlet of the fan. If the requirements are relatively high, a noise reduction and sound insulation box can also be used. At the same time, a shock absorber can be installed between the fan and the foundation, thus, to get a good noise reduction effect.

  2. Common pressure classification of centrifugal fans

In the centrifugal fan, in terms of pressure, its common classification mainly includes the following three:  
  Low pressure centrifugal fan: the pressure is below 1000Pa.
  Medium pressure centrifugal fan: The pressure is 1000-3000Pa.
  High pressure centrifugal fan: the pressure is above 3000Pa.

 3. The difference and application of single air inlet and double air inlet of centrifugal fan

 The single air inlet in the centrifugal fan means that there is only one air inlet and one air outlet in the fan. Therefore, the pressure is relatively high and can be used in dust removal workshops and oil fume systems. The double air inlet has two air inlets and one air outlet, so the air volume is relatively large and can be used in occasions with large air volume requirements.

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