Glass Line Process Fan


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Glass Line Process Fan

  The fans for float glass lines are mainly divided into process fans (normal temperature) and annealing kiln fans (high temperature). The process fans are divided into suction slot fans, Hui-adjusted fans, L suspension bridge fans, single and double tie fans, and combustion-supporting fans. The annealing kiln fans are divided into A.B.C.D.F zone fans, A zone fans 500°C, B zone fans 420°C, C zone fans 300°C, D zone fans 160°C, F zone fans 40°C.
  The process fans for the rolled glass line are pool wall fans, cooling fans and grate coolers. The annealing kiln fan is the same as the float line, but the fan is smaller. In addition, the glass line also uses desulfurization, denitration, and waste heat power generation fans.
  [Sima fan] can produce fans for glass production lines, mainly used for cooling and cooling of the outer body of the kiln. Generally, low-pressure and high-volume series fans are used, and low-pressure series centrifugal fans are commonly used. It can also provide glass furnace flue gas waste heat recovery power generation. Fan, desulfurization fan, out of stock fan.

Program Measures

Simo Blower can design and manufacture industrial centrifugal fans for various purposes according to customer needs

High temperature measures:Adopt high temperature resistant alloy, reasonable cooling measures, scientific anti-high temperature deformation structure
Wear-resistant measures:High hardness composite material to ensure the use of impeller and prolong life
Anti-corrosion measures:A variety of anti-corrosion measures to adapt to different corrosion conditions
Efficient product:High-efficiency model for simulation analysis and optimization, strict processing process
Simo Advantage

Simo Blower is a professional production enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, performance testing, installation and commissioning one-stop services


Strong technical research and development strength, advanced design, scientific and accurate

Advanced technology

Rigorous and precise manufacturing process, complete and advanced process equipment

Scientific testing

Scientific standard performance test center to validate model parameters


Field test experience

Professional after-sales

Professional team, worry-free after-sales

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